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Nov 16, 2013 7:45pm EST
technology. they couldn't have use used that effectively because they didn't have the education. >> this a very ray economic book that essentially has a happy ending, a book how economic policies reduce policy if done right. you have some case studies to prove it. so for those of you who think of economics as a dismal science, here a chance to see economics as the cheerful science. accomplish, again, we all owe a great debt to jagdish bhagwati for sustained writing and thinking, some who informed the policy debates in this country and around the world. so, thank you, sir, and congratulations. >> thank you, too. >> you're watching booktv. next, sheri fink discusses what happened at memorial until center in new orleans in the n the days following hurricane katrina. she says that due to a total loss of power caused by the flooding tore had to come up with an evacuation plan and pick the order in which patients were rescued in total, 45 people died in the hospital. including some 20 patients who were euthanized by doctors. this is an hour and 15 minutes. [applause] >> you start. >> okay. i'll
Nov 17, 2013 9:15am EST
books are welcome to apply every year to the program and it just gives us a huge amount of freedom to pursue and support and wonderful colleague so i'm very grateful for having had that support and being a part of that program. and so i think we're going to try to have just a really good discussion today, and that means all of you, hopefully, we'll get involved as well. we will talk for a little while and then open it up for discussion, and then have some wine and cheese after. and really, a big reason why i wrote "five days at memorial" is i really feel that these questions, difficult, conundrums that arose during katrina are things that we all have as a public, should have a say if they're not the purview of just small group of doctors on the front line and emergency, but something we should all think about before disaster ever happens. so we'll get into some of that, and i'll just start with kind of summarizing the book is setting up some of those dilemmas all of it and read just a tiny bit of where dr. baden comes in and then we will discuss. the question, do exceptional times all
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2